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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I saw a chapel all of Gold

I witnessed the death of consumer society today; heard the death rattle of a system finally sucumbing to its own inbuilt falability. Felt the iron grip it has on my life weaken to a feeble and ghostly presence around me. Just the fetid stench of its decaying flesh remains – whilst its Ka swims in history’s gutter with its kindred spirit democracy; dearly departed just a few short years ago.

In time I will become a rubber-necker; overwhelmed by the need to slow down and survey its yellowing, bloated corpse. To watch the foul fluids seap from its lifeless shell. To gouge its eyes with a stick to make sure its not coming back.

But not today. Today my role in life changed. I accept I am no longer here to consume. To earn you profits. To be judged by the crap that surrounds me. To pollute. To deal with the rubbish that society generates. I am no longer interested in your lies; the flawed dreams you sell.

I sell my stocks, call my bank, pay off my debts; and just wait. I don’t care if I wait for one month, six months, a year. Five even. I am right, you are wrong. I saw your death today … millions will mourn your passing.

I wake

I hate the weekends. Too much time to think.

Back to work.

Back to the crap. Back to the excruciating pointlessness of modern life


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