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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

High School shootings

Whilst there are shootings and other stuff in other countries I was reading some of the comments in the UK Times and Telegraph online today from US posters. They were full of those “Fuck you English, we don‘t give shit what you think” posts in response to the debate on America’s obsession with guns.

This made me question whether we are in fact wrong to attempt to comment upon and analyse what is an internal matter for the USA, and whether we have any legitimate right to do so at all.

[Or whether it was simply the case that every NRA cardholding, NASCAR loving, pickup driving, shithead in the US had been told to start posting aggressively on UK media sites by the NRA National Executive].

The Europeans certainly can’t help criticising anything that seems to go wrong in America and you have to sit down for a second and think why we do it.

…… I think I have the answer.

The problem with America, and the reason why acts such as this draw criticism in Europe and elsewhere, is that we are fucking sick of watching your fucking films, drinking your fucking shitty coffee, buying your fucking shitty goods and having our lives invaded every fucking second by the constant bombardment of all of this SHITE that tells us you’re the best country in the world and how your so great at fucking everything. We don‘t ask for it. We don‘t demand access to your culture. You just shovel it into everyone‘s face 24 hours a fucking day until we think were part of it and therefore think we have the right to comment.

I don’t want to watch fucking shite like “Friends” on UK TV, or buy fucking Starbuck’s coffee on my street corner. You did that not me. We didn’t ask for it.

And because you impose your culture on us telling us how friggin great everything is, the minute an event happens that proves that all this shite that you produce in the media is just that, shite, we just can’t resist pointing it out. Because we know that your not all living happy shiny lives in La La Land, and that most of what you generate to show the rest of the world how great you are is fucking rubbish.

The US is not the worlds biggest democracy, it’s a country of big winners and big losers, only your stupid enough to let your losers arm themselves and attack the winners.

The US Government proved after Hurricane Katrina that it does not even give a flying fuck about its own poor or dispossessed so what can the rest of the world realistically benefit from interracting with US culture or values.

Cho Seung-hui is just another armed, pissed off, mentally unstable, loser who should not even have been able to look in a gunshop window never mind be allowed to purchase a fucking gun. Even serious mental health problems, which he had in December 2005, does not seem to preclude you from buying a gun in the free-est country in the world.

Its hardly a shining beacon to the rest of the world and we can’t help pointing that out because the "cultural" imperialism you export to tell us how great things are just fucking pisses us off.

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At 12:42 PM, Blogger FOUR DINNERS said...

It's not the USA that's diseased. It's the entire screwed up world.

We're fucked.

I think I'll have another vodka now.

At 11:01 AM, Blogger cappy said...

now thats what i wanted to post, but couldn't figure out how to word it!!

well said.

and dinners has a point too!

At 3:29 PM, Blogger Candy Minx said...

Well, I think you have every right to feel that way...

It does seem sometimes, that so many countries want to be just like America that maybe Americas head gets swelled.

The thing's a good example with Iran, they just want to live their lives raise their kids in the way they believe. It makes more sense to just ignore them and let them be...rather than invade. Ira, same more obviously than ever.

At 8:39 AM, Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Nice job, AC. Of course, I like some American stuff. They do still make some good films (probably only about 1 per cent of the number they actually produce, though) and some good TV (I'll take Scrubs over Friends any day of the week). And fortunately there are some people in the US media who do criticize US policy (Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, Howard Stern...).

But there are still so many people (and not just in the States) who do not realize they are being lied to and bullshitted every waking minute. Who believe all that their presidents and PMs feed them. Who do not realize that we don't still have to "stick it to the Commies". That's a great pity.

And until US citizens arm themselves with a little intelligence, they'll simply make do with guns. Scary.

At 7:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

no, america is a 3rd world country now.if they would enforce the laws here it would b a nice place to live. but then u got ur problems 2,eh?


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