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Monday, January 08, 2007


Its the only word for those "famous" Big Brother contestants

I was going to lay off all the Big Brother stuff and then I went to * asterisks' blog, and well, he's was totally right. Its pitiful. No doubt tonight is another evening in where the kids take the remote control and I have to watch that ignorant moon-pig Jade Goody do her best to appear sentient in the face of an over whelming revolt by the other contestants. This woman is the personification of great chunks of what is wrong with British culture.

No doubt as I watch the carnage unfold tonight I will again quietly consider what is so peculiar to British culture that we could breed, feed, and make rich such a monumental mass of ignorance and prejudice? Its not even good telly - putting a brain-dead troll in with people who can both speak and have a reading age of over 10 is just unfair. Its the modern equivalent of bear-baiting, goading some dumb defenceless animal. As if she is not bad enough you have to ask yourself whether that total fuckwit she is living with can actually walk and talk at the same time? Jeez. He's just some dumb-fuck famous for shagging, an illiterate fatass and nothing else.

Somewhere within this shitfest of mediocrity no doubt is a modern day tale of morality akin to Charles Dickens. We are, I think, witnessing the British media push that dimwitted chav back into the semi-literate swamp from which she originally emerged. Watching her "career" such as it is vapourising before our very eyes.

I am actually embarrassed to watch the screen. Is bothering to learn the name of someone not from your culture too hard for modern day Britains? Is being lucid, pleasant, and having a degree of dignity passee in this 21st Century world? Has overtly taking the piss out of someone who speaks and acts differently become a modern day sport?

Should we all aspire to being some brain-dead, ignorant, fuckbag?

None of these women are famous for anything

Jade Goody - Famous For Fuck-All
Danielle - Famous For Fucking Footballers
Joe - Fractionally Famous Fuckwit

I hate these women because they set an appalling example to my kids, gives people from other cultures an appalling view of my culture, and destroy any notion that Britain is the meritocracy labour has fought hard to generate. All three of them are living proof that in the last 10 years Britain has moved from Parklife to Pondlife.

Hopefully by the time the British public have seen more of her behaviour she won't even be able carve out a career giving £10 tit-wanks in Soho.

By the way - I'm actually the 24th most "iffluential" person in Britain and I know what it means you ugly, self-centred, illiterate, dimwitted, fat, guppy-faced pile of shite.


At 1:23 PM, Blogger Misanthropic Tendencies said...

I'm sick of such shit being on TV, I haven't even bothered ranting on the subject of day time TV because it's such an old subject.

The show is puerile and only appealing to some nearly buried lust in human nature but the fact that it is legally allowed on TV and let alone a fresh source of entertainment leaves me cringing and half glancing at it to see what people actually see in it.

It's pretty fucking sad, you will hear about it all year if slutty Jenny gets her tits out on a live show of Big Brother but you won't hear about any heroic doctors or nurses saving lives... well unless it's negative news.

The types of role-models what are getting projected out at the younger audience by the media is just disgraceful.

No offence but if I want to meet idiots similar to the twats on Big Brother I could quite easily by going out on a Friday or Saturday night in town and randomly speak to some pissed up chavs on the dole.

Networks must be pissing themselves to the bank with this sort of television.

It's made them realise what a gold mine a they have at their disposal with no real talent, add that combination to a fame and superficial crazed viewers and automatic cameras you have an obsessed and half witted audience dreaming along.

These type of shows are an an extension of the growing fixation people have on 'famous personalities' which leads on more disturbingly to what people wish to be like. I really think that the nosiness and the shallow aura of fame- the mediocre tabloid and reflective substitute of it ensures that these types of programs just keep bombarding us and always will since they sadly possess a massive audience from cultural indicators like celebrity and gossip magazines.

At 8:31 AM, Blogger FOUR DINNERS said...

her mum Ignore it but Caz has it on - in disbelief that there is such shite on I hope - and I caught Jade's mum waving her good arm about. First time I've ever heard a vegetable emit sounds like that.

At 11:53 AM, Blogger The Anti Crapitalist said...

Maybe I'm being sensitive to the fact that that rubber-armed bog monster has the gall to have a go at that gorgeous Indian bird.

At 6:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

dun watch tv guess there is no reason 2 start now...

At 3:19 PM, Blogger FOUR DINNERS said...

the semi armless one goes, the old movie guy walks, the pretend punk climbs the wall, the curly haired pillock jumps before he's pushed n the Sun reporter gets kicked out. (n I don't even watch it). If this shite is really pullin in the viewers we're doomed. Get pissed and wait for the end.

No Caz it is shite!....yes it is!....yes it i....ow! don't do that...

At 12:35 AM, Blogger L>T said...

It can't be any worse then whats on American TV can it?

we get a couple of British sit-coms in the middle of the night on PBS(public televison)they are very tame. one that comes to mind is about a woman named Bucket? & another that comes to mind is about some guy with super powers (I can't think of any names on it, pretty silly though.) Anyway, what we see of your stuff gives the impression that britsh TV is very staid.

I would get a huge kick out of watching really bad Britsh TV. is any of this stuff you speak of on youtube?

Then there is Monty Python of course. He has quite a cult following here. Americans love him.(Me included)

At 4:01 PM, Blogger Cynnie said...

I have no idea about the big brother thing ya'll talk about ..
people are famous now because they're famous ..Its amazing ..
and the sluttier you are the more famous you get..
( as long as you're young and cute and everything is in its proper place )
I refuse to watch most tv..

I know how to read

At 5:11 AM, Blogger * (asterisk) said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 5:12 AM, Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Hey AC, thanks for the shout-out. Sorry it was about such a sad sack of shit such as BB, but what can one do? It really is appalling, and I've come back from my hols to see it's in the middle of a race row. Unbelievable.

Jade is such an unappealing, brain-dead cunt, and watching it (cos you have to, don't you?) fills me with embarrassment for the same exact reasons you mention.

Car-crash TV at its best? worst? Who knows anymore?

At 1:56 PM, Blogger cappy said...

so funny to come back here and read this after all the is she/isn't she racist stuff.

me? i think she is an ignorant cunt and thats about as bad as she gets.
danielle on the other hand, did you know she was given a do's/don't's list by her agent which included....


who the fuck needs to be told not to be racist? especially when they are about to appear on one of the most popular shows on telly?

set of complete fuckwits. to a man! except the lovely shulpa!


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