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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Eurovision song contest ... why?

This is a weird one to explain to people farther a field but once a year in Europe we have a shite contest that involves various people that could not even get work on a cruise ship catering for the over 80's singing "songs" to represent their respective countries.

God knows why its continued as it was fucking rubbish in 1957 and now its gone beyond kitch, to be a kitch representation of kitch.

It makes you wonder why it all started and why it continues despite constantly plumbing the depth of the "banal" to arrive at a competition that surpasses banal.

To me its a bit like McDonalds or Coca Cola. Some shitty representation of how lovely the world would be:- how there would be no famine, or pestilence, or war if only we got off our arses and sang fucking rubbish songs to each other for no apparent reason.

Maybe I'm wrong.

Maybe the Iraq war would not have happened if that country had pitched some piss poor caberet act we could have voted for. Maybe Britain only backs Israel because secretly we feel guilty about them getting their arse kicked in Eurovision (except that year when the Trannie won) even though they are not really in Europe. Maybe we have problems with America because they've never done a Eurovision (they'd be pissed off if they didn't win every year and would start a world song contest without the world participating so they could).

McDonalds always had some shite-arsed theory that no two countries that have a McDonalds franchise ever went to war with each other. Its technically true (ignoring the fact that US businesses never take the risk of investing somewhere that isn't a client nation or any politically unstable country) and maybe, just maybe, that's the whole warped idea of Eurovision! Its stopping war and death stalking Europe.

(Sorry Bosnia, Serbia, and Montenegro instantly fucked that one)

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At 5:13 AM, Blogger cappy said...

but we still watch it!
a saturday night listening to terry wogan be as racist as the beeb will let him, and taking the piss out of our euro cousins? what more do you want?
and we well and truly fucked up this year! go for a cheesy europop type tune, ok, just that the rest seemed to up their (admittedly still piss poor) attempts!

is europe really twenty years behind us?

At 5:13 AM, Blogger cappy said...

and why didn't they let morrissey do it like he offered? that would have been so funny!

At 8:02 PM, Blogger Camie Vog said...

I am so glad you are getting back to your old form! You coming to America anytime soon? If so, swing by my neck of the, eh, woods. I'll gladly put you up for the honor of a visit.

At 2:11 AM, Blogger FOUR DINNERS said...

One of the original Bucks Fizz girls is back on stage having her skirt ripped off. Sadly she's now in her 50's with legs like tree trunks.

At 3:43 AM, Blogger * (asterisk) said...

I actually enjoy the contest. It's the voting part that's both boring and a complete fucking con. The songs are great, though!


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