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Friday, March 16, 2007

Yesterday .. peg-legged loonies seemed so far away.

Jesus I bet Paul McCartney and his family are breathing a collective sigh of relief today for getting rid of that peg-legged, moon-faced, geordie, fantasist.

It's shame that Paul got sucked into this but there's clearly a generation gap not simply in terms of age but in terms of the definition of fame and values between the 60's and the 00's.

By the age Heather is now [ 38 ] Sir Paul had already been part of the worlds most successful singer / song-writing combinations, put behind him a key role in the biggest band in the world, he was a multi-multi millionaire purely on the back of his own talents, and had virtually semi retired to pursue a solo career. He'd achieved virtually everything he wanted to by 30, and was enjoying the cash and the fame.

In comparison decades later he collided head on with the cheerleader of a new brand of international shiteratti whose only claim to fame appears to have been losing a limb, and shagging a range of hapless men before pissing off with their cash. In short an upwardly mobile white trash uni-ped with an eye on his cheque book.

This is all that counts as fame in this day and age, no hard effort, just open your legs (leg?) to get your ugly mug in the papers and the money comes rolling in.

Puzzling though: To this current generation who is more "famous" - billionaire creator of some of the worlds best pop music, or loony geordie shag-bag?

Its a warning shot for any other famous people of his generation who still seem to think that the same rules apply as when they were young. They don't. Beware. Every shread of decency in this world is for sale. There's always someone willing to do something, anything, for cash and the chance to get their ugly mugs in the papers at your expense. And you'll be torn up and spat out and fed to the dogs in the process because its all about cash.

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Worse than Bush.

Bush has got on my nerves again this week. Its got to the point where I really feel like vomiting everytime I hear that dimwitted pseudo-Texan accent once more spout some half assed, ill concieved, bullshit and try to present it as some form of lucid statement about anything.

The man is a fucking moron. What the fucking hell was America thinking of when they voted him back in?

But he has prompted me to think.

I said to my Wife on hearing the latest Bush statement on Iran "This guy has to be the fucking worst President of any country that has ever existed"

But I suppose that's untrue. He can only be the second fucking worst President of any country that has existed whilst that evil CUNT Robert Mugabe is still alive.

Bush might be bad but Mugabe is just a piece of crap.

I was reading one of the latest potted history's of his "achievements" yesterday

I see that Zimbabwe now officially has the world’s shortest life expectancy—37 years for men and 34 for women. It also has the worlds greatest percentage of orphans (about 25% according to UNICEF) and the worst annual inflation rate - 1,281% as of last month!

Mugabe has ruled Zimbabwe for 25 years and successfully got richer, and richer, whilst his country has been transformed into one of the most retrograde, impoverished, disease ridden shithole's in Africa.

Do they give you a Nobel Prize for the fact that 25% of your country is HIV positive and you do absolutely FUCK ALL about it.

That's no mean feat by any stretch of the imagination. At least Bush confines his activities to destroying lives in other nations, he leaves the people who voted him in largely alone.

How one person who has presided over such widespread devastation of his own country and his own people can sleep at night is absolutely unbelievable.

You have to question the value of 'democracy' when scumbags like this are allowed to maintain power, and express severe concern that other nations are prepared to do business with these sort of low grade shitbags and get away with it.

So worse than Bush it is.

Mugabe is living proof that Bush can't be the worst President ever and Zimbabwe acts as a shining beacon of hope to all Americans - it could actually be worse you could be living in fucking Zimbabwe.

And who the fuck would want to do that.