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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Boo hoo for Ian Cuntley

So celebrity child murderer Ian Cuntley has failed to kill himself for a third time

Its a shame that this piece of shit has actually had more success killing other people than he has killing himself. Oh the irony ... the killer that's too fucking useless to kill himself. He must be the joke of his Wing; "That Huntley's lost his touch, he can't even kill his fucking self. Fucking ponce".

Its interesting that this attempt happens in the same week that that other murdering piece of human detritius Ian Brady petitions the Courts to allow him to starve himself to death. Maybe Cuntley saw what is happening to Brady as his future - 69 years old, still inside and being force-feed twice a day to stop him from starving himself to death. It don't look too good Ian does it? You fucking scumbag.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Stupid bitch

I fell off my chair reading about Naomi Campbell's Fashion Show to help the victims of the deadly floods in Britain earlier this year.

Yes. Those "deadly" floods that killed all of 7 people in Britain ages ago. Tragic though that is how fucking desparate are these fucking media whores to attach their fucking stupid faces to made up "needy" causes.

You can almost read her mind. We've failed to capitalise on the Asian Tsunami Appeal, and we missed Hurricane Katrina so fucking months after the damage we'll try to use the UK floods to sell a load of old shite to stupid media dicks because it's a charity.

You're fucking deluded you silly, silly bitch.


"As a British model, in my home town in London, I am honoured to be able to put on and be involved in this kind of show."

Excuse me whilst I vomit you silly cow.