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Saturday, January 19, 2008

The One and Only biggest pile of shite on TV

Jesus I'm fucking angry. Not blogged for ages and now confined to the spare room because if I have to watch that fucking shite fucking lookalike fucking "talent" fucking show on TV tonight for more than 10 seconds I'm going to spontaneously combust.

What the fuck is it about?

A bunch of losers that don't 1) sound or 2) look like their so-called look-alike take part in a fucking karaoke contest in front of an unamusing puff to win a prize.

Jesus fucking wept is this what civilisation has been reduced to?

Did we go through two world wars to end up with this sort of fucking shite served up as fucking entertainment? Fuck me! I think I'm going to fucking hang myself.

Whoever commissioned this needs to be buggered senseless by a team of eastern european gangmasters, drowned in a bath of shit, roasted over a hot spit, spat upon, hung, drawn and quartered, have forks forceably stuck into his eyeballs and then fired into space.

Jesus fucking Christ!

The world has gone totally fucking mad.