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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Disinfected youth

I don't usually follow the US media too much but the UK reporting of the Cindy Sheehan story really got to me today.,,2090192,00.html

I can't believe how one mother who lost her son in a fake war can be so used and abused by the far right milita that control the USA. One quote hit me hard:

"Casey died for a country which cares more about who will be the next American Idol than how many people will be killed in the next few months."

Ain't that the quote of the year?

The realisation that you have sacrificed someone you love so that the ignorant can go about their empty lives untouched - so that they can max out their credit cards on Chinese made shite, maintain their unfulfilled lives fuelled by cheap gasoline, and be spoon fed more drivel by a government that's both morally and fiscally bankrupt.

She knows the flipside of the American dream and she has my respect for seeing and saying things that others simply cannot see.

There are values in this life that are simply not worth defending. There is not one drop of blood that is worth less than a Big Mac, or cheap gas, or satelite TV, and yet in essence the perpetuation of this bankrupt, valueless, throw away society is all that they are fighting for.

I've never felt more negative than I feel today.


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A new reality TV low?

I read with amusement news of a new reality TV show staring that hideous, big-titted, orange-faced, fag-hag Jodie Marsh.

Has she not leaned her lesson?

It seems that there are people in this world who are dim enough to want to compete for the "privilege" of marrying this clump of human detritus. The whole concept is lost on me, I mean why would anyone want to be bothered to go to the effort of competing for her attention on TV when you could probably have a go for the price of a Baccardi & coke and a bag of crisps?

Some classic quotes from the website:


"I'm desperate to settle down with the man of my dreams" [maybe you're just fucking desperate?]

"If you think you've got what I want in a man" [a pulse and a cock?]


Anyway if you think your man enough to get shackled to the uber-scrubber live on TV then please use the link above to apply. I fancied a go - I record my answers here for posterity.

I reckon I'll at least get an interview!

1. What do you do for a living and do you enjoy it?

I'm an Eastern European people traffiker. I specialise in smuggling prostitutes into the UK in the back of lorries. I'm a very rich and drive a Lamborghini. As I will do anything, no matter how inhumane and degrading for money, I thought that I should apply to be your future husband as we seem so perfectly matched.

2. What was your longest previous relationship and why did it finish?

I once shagged a bird for more than half an our. The relationship finished when she asked for more money and I punched her in the face. That was unusual though .. 15 minutes is normally enough for me.

3. Complete this sentence: I want my relationship with my future wife to be...

One where I no longer have to pay for sex, and where I can pursue the most unsavoury and unnatural sexual practices in the privacy of my own home.

4. Tell me about the best sex you ever had! Where & when?

The best sex I had was with you or someone who looked like you around the back of Stringfellows about 18 months ago. Do you remember? You were really mullered, and I was that high on Crystal Meth I shit myself. It was cool.

5. Is money important to you?

Yes, I need it to pay for sex.

6. What do you like about me? (I know, you haven't even met me yet!)

I like the fact that you are dim and will get your baps out at any occasion, and I also love the way that you don't know that everyone else is laughing at you when you do such stupid and degrading things. Also I feel we already know each other as I have seem your baps and minge so many times on the TV and in magazines.

7. Describe a great date you might take me on.

A bit of dogging in my car, during which I would like to take a trip down Bourneville Boulevard.

8. Do you want children?

Yes. But not yours as they will probably be quite ugly.

9. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

On some reality TV show where I get treated for the plethora of infectious diseases I am likely to acquire following this competition.

10, What are your 3 must do things in your life?

To indulge in high risk anal sex with a Z List celebrity, to appear on non terrestial TV, and to marry somebody with absolutely no sense of shame or irony.

11. Give 3 qualities that you think are good about you and 3 that are bad.

I am kind to dumb animals, I have a sense of humour, and I always pay upfront before I have sex. My bad qualities are my chronic drug addiction, sexual violence against women, ... oh and that murder thing that happened in Amsterdam with our last consignment.

12. Finally, why do you think you and I would make a good couple?

Because we are both as thick, shameless, and morally degraded as each other.


I hope those reality cameras are rolling when absolutely nobody turns up at any of the auditions! Que; weapy, angry, half dressed, orange face, bleating "Why me. I only want to be loved" at the cameras. It could be quite compelling TV!

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Eurovision song contest ... why?

This is a weird one to explain to people farther a field but once a year in Europe we have a shite contest that involves various people that could not even get work on a cruise ship catering for the over 80's singing "songs" to represent their respective countries.

God knows why its continued as it was fucking rubbish in 1957 and now its gone beyond kitch, to be a kitch representation of kitch.

It makes you wonder why it all started and why it continues despite constantly plumbing the depth of the "banal" to arrive at a competition that surpasses banal.

To me its a bit like McDonalds or Coca Cola. Some shitty representation of how lovely the world would be:- how there would be no famine, or pestilence, or war if only we got off our arses and sang fucking rubbish songs to each other for no apparent reason.

Maybe I'm wrong.

Maybe the Iraq war would not have happened if that country had pitched some piss poor caberet act we could have voted for. Maybe Britain only backs Israel because secretly we feel guilty about them getting their arse kicked in Eurovision (except that year when the Trannie won) even though they are not really in Europe. Maybe we have problems with America because they've never done a Eurovision (they'd be pissed off if they didn't win every year and would start a world song contest without the world participating so they could).

McDonalds always had some shite-arsed theory that no two countries that have a McDonalds franchise ever went to war with each other. Its technically true (ignoring the fact that US businesses never take the risk of investing somewhere that isn't a client nation or any politically unstable country) and maybe, just maybe, that's the whole warped idea of Eurovision! Its stopping war and death stalking Europe.

(Sorry Bosnia, Serbia, and Montenegro instantly fucked that one)

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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Ho fucking ho!

God its better than Christmas coming early today. I have to repeat the headline just for posterity


LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A judge sentenced a shocked and tearful Paris Hilton to 45 days in jail on Friday, ruling that the hotel heiress violated her probation for a previous traffic offense by knowingly driving without a valid license. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Sauer rejected Hilton's defense that she didn't realize her license was suspended and ordered the 26-year-old socialite to report to a county detention facility on June 5.

Hilton wept and her mother, Kathy, yelled at the prosecutor, "You're pathetic," as the packed courtroom cleared.


I'm just so fucking glad that the vacuous cheerleader of the useless global shiteratti that clog our newspapers and TV screens for no good reason has finally got what was coming to her. Thought you were above the law did you, you silly talentless bitch? Maybe you thought you were just soooo famous that no judge would jail you for breaking the law?

Maybe when your forceably giving head to the ugliest bull-dyke in the California penal system you'll have time to refelect on your worthless life and wonder who is, in fact, "pathetic".

People who think they are above the law are scum, people who put the public at risk through drink driving are scum, and Paris Hilton is, well, just useless illiterate monied-for-no-good-reason scum anyway.

I'll be laughing my arse off for weeks on this one.

Oh happy day!

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Who gives a fuck?

OK! magazine has partially won an appeal at the House of Lords in its battle with rival Hello! over Catherine Zeta Jones's wedding photos.

Unsurprisingly I remain unmoved by the the "landslide" ruling by Lord Hoffman in the "Old man marries gold-digging sheep-shagger" celebrity story of the year.

I'm tired of the cult of celebrity and of these deluded people expecting that they can cash in on every aspect of their lives, from their fucking futile weddings, to birth of their fucking ugly children, to their numerous addictions, afflictions, pecadillos and bust ups.

If thousands of people want to act like spastics outside Top Shop to buy some Chinese made shite that Kate Moss might have seen once, in an e-mail, from her assistant, forwarded from her "designer", why should I care? I'm not stupid, I don't believe my life is empty, I don't think that people will think I'm somebody just because I paid 70 quid for some piece of rancid old tat. I don't feel inferior because I'm not living "their" life.

There has to be a reversal of this celebrity culture soon as were all so desparately fucking bored with it all. Do I really give a fuck that OK got diddled on the pictures of the wedding of these saddos? No. Do I care that "normal" people are stupid enough to buy these shite filled magazines because they think that they need to be in touch with the latest trends? No. Do I care about anything that Michael fucking Douglas and his stupid fucking Wife do? No.

Scan the internet its now getting just as low as it can possible get - Peter Andre now apparently has "Celebrity Meningitis" that's the same deadly meningitis that kills or debilitates anyone else every day of the week in this country but with an extra 25,000 fucking column inches of shite from his dumb wife telling you how fucking bad it is.

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