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Monday, January 08, 2007


Its the only word for those "famous" Big Brother contestants

I was going to lay off all the Big Brother stuff and then I went to * asterisks' blog, and well, he's was totally right. Its pitiful. No doubt tonight is another evening in where the kids take the remote control and I have to watch that ignorant moon-pig Jade Goody do her best to appear sentient in the face of an over whelming revolt by the other contestants. This woman is the personification of great chunks of what is wrong with British culture.

No doubt as I watch the carnage unfold tonight I will again quietly consider what is so peculiar to British culture that we could breed, feed, and make rich such a monumental mass of ignorance and prejudice? Its not even good telly - putting a brain-dead troll in with people who can both speak and have a reading age of over 10 is just unfair. Its the modern equivalent of bear-baiting, goading some dumb defenceless animal. As if she is not bad enough you have to ask yourself whether that total fuckwit she is living with can actually walk and talk at the same time? Jeez. He's just some dumb-fuck famous for shagging, an illiterate fatass and nothing else.

Somewhere within this shitfest of mediocrity no doubt is a modern day tale of morality akin to Charles Dickens. We are, I think, witnessing the British media push that dimwitted chav back into the semi-literate swamp from which she originally emerged. Watching her "career" such as it is vapourising before our very eyes.

I am actually embarrassed to watch the screen. Is bothering to learn the name of someone not from your culture too hard for modern day Britains? Is being lucid, pleasant, and having a degree of dignity passee in this 21st Century world? Has overtly taking the piss out of someone who speaks and acts differently become a modern day sport?

Should we all aspire to being some brain-dead, ignorant, fuckbag?

None of these women are famous for anything

Jade Goody - Famous For Fuck-All
Danielle - Famous For Fucking Footballers
Joe - Fractionally Famous Fuckwit

I hate these women because they set an appalling example to my kids, gives people from other cultures an appalling view of my culture, and destroy any notion that Britain is the meritocracy labour has fought hard to generate. All three of them are living proof that in the last 10 years Britain has moved from Parklife to Pondlife.

Hopefully by the time the British public have seen more of her behaviour she won't even be able carve out a career giving £10 tit-wanks in Soho.

By the way - I'm actually the 24th most "iffluential" person in Britain and I know what it means you ugly, self-centred, illiterate, dimwitted, fat, guppy-faced pile of shite.